7 New Alberni Developments That Should Be on Your Radar

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1515 Alberni

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Written on August 10th, 2022

1515 Alberni

Alberni Street Vancouver is undergoing a radical renaissance of development.

Alberni Vancouver developments are booming, with multiple projects nearing completion while others are approved and ready to begin.

Alberni Street should be your destination if you want the finest in luxury living.

With a long list of new Alberni developments, the most challenging part might be choosing where to invest. Learn more about what’s happening in the Alberni Street area.

Alberni Street Developments, Vancouver

The neighbourhood is undergoing a tremendous transformation over the next 10 years. Over the past few years, the general area  has become a major cluster for high-calibre architecture by international design firms. Located only a few blocks from one of the best urban parks in the world, Stanley Park,  Alberni street is well situated to take advantage of the various amenities the area has to offer, including some of the best restaurants, waterfront, and sea wall. In just over the last decade, though, property on Alberni Street have been some of the hottest in the world.  As this development renaissance took on speed, it started with some high-end restaurants. Not long after, luxury retail brands set up flagship storefronts to make it destination shopping. Nearby luxury hotels were inviting for Asian tourists who appreciated the area’s luxury and high-end options. It wasn’t long after that the Alberni street developments for luxury downtown living followed.  In just over a decade, a frenzied development planning spree are drawing in the stars of  architecture and the development world, so every building has a way to stand out from the other.

Take a closer look at some of the developments in the works for Alberni Street.

1. Fifteen Fifteen

This new condo development, located at 1515 Alberni Street, Vancouver, is aptly named Fifteen Fifteen.

The Vancouver real estate luxury condos are being put together by developers Bosa Properties and Kingswood Properties.

The building is in the preconstruction stage of development. The builders of this project will be Bosa Properties and Kingswood Properties. Architects are from the firm Buro Ole Scheeren and Francl Architecture.

Upon completion of construction, interior design work will be done by Buro Ole Scheeren.

Amenities in all the Alberni Street developments are important. Fifteen Fifteen will include amenities :

  • Resident’s Lounge
  • Concierge
  • Fitness Studio
  • Valet Parking
  • Private Dining Room


Fifteen Fifteen is imagined and created by globally renowned architect Ole Scheeren. The building’s goal is to bring horizontality to urban living.

With a starting price of $900,000, there are 202 calibre studios up to three-bedroom units in the building.

Scheeren created glass-enclosed cantilevers intending to bring all that outside Vancouver has to offer inside. Units proudly boast 270-degree views from inside.

From inside, look towards the water, the mountains, and the city for the best of Vancouver living.

The estimated completion for Fifteen Fifteen is Winter and Spring of 2027.

2. 1550 Alberni Street

For those interested in discriminating Vancouver real estate, it’s time to look at 1550 Alberni Street.

Known simply by all who see it as Alberni, designed by renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

Even with all the luxury construction happening around it, Alberni is expected to be a landmark when it reaches completion in 2023.

The 43-storey residential tower works with a visionary conception and intricate design details to create a  world-class modern building.

What makes Alberni so unique? The facade of the building has a striking use of a striking combination of glass and polished anodized aluminum.

Described as ‘carved deductions’ on the building’s upper half of the southwest corner and lower half of the northeast corner. This helps to be visually inspired by nature and shaped by the environment to create the look that the building is almost turning and twisting.

Yet, those who invest in Alberni will get deep outdoor spaces with wood-featured deep terraces. These spaces are being touted as outdoor gardens as a part of your unit.

The building features a proposed 188 residential units. It will include retail space, a restaurant, and a highly unique ground-level Japanese moss garden.

3. 1640/1650 Alberni Street


In December of 2021, Vancouver City Council also approved an application for a 43-storey condominium and rental housing tower to be located at 1640-1650 Alberni Street.

The new building will be located near the prominent intersection of West Georgia Street and Cardero Street.

The new construction will replace the 15-storey tower with 66 rental homes and three levels of office located mid-block of this address.  The tower will feature 264 homes.

The homes will include 198 luxury condominium units in the upper levels and 66 one-for-one replacement secured rental units.

You might wonder about the 66 rental homes losing their place to live. Interestingly, at least 20% of the units\that’ll be available for rent will be at below-market rates. The displaced residents of the existing building will get the right of first refusal to return at 20% below-market rents.

San Francisco architects from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) are leading this project. You might recognize them from their work on Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and New York City’s One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower).

The building has a series of stacked trays with a strategic spacing of continuous balconies optimized for winter solar heating. The building corners will feature three-storey sky gardens.

4. 1444 Alberni Street


Currently, in predevelopment, 1400 Alberni is being developed by Landa Global Properties and Asia Standard Americas. Preconstruction work is being done at 1444 Alberni Street for a projected completion of 2024, with a construction date yet to be determined.

The units at 1444 Alberni Street will be condominiums. The builders on this project are Landa Global Properties and Asia Standard Americas, who will be working with architects from  Robert A. M. Stern Architects.

The 1444 Alberni Street development is touted as the tallest Passive House development in the world. It features the work of architect Robert A.M. Stern.

Stern has designed modernistic building with a nod to Vancouver’s rich architectural past; the two towers feature a modernist limestone facade with intricate detailing.

His other goal was to create a building with a rigorous energy efficiency standard and innovative sustainable design.

The twin towers are expected to hold up to 459 residential units. Developers  Asia Standard Americas expect to have preliminary unit floor plans soon.

5. 1818 Alberni Street


1818 Alberni Street will offer 54 intimate luxury residences nearby Stanley Park. It’s a coveted address, nestled in an inviting downtown neighbourhood where dynamic Vancouver mingles with the wild, wondrous nature of world-renowned Stanley Park. Bask in spectacular city and ocean views, serene seawall strolls, and a lifestyle of comfort and convenience in the most livable city in the world. Cityside and parkside. Elegant and expansive. Striking and sophisticated. 1818 Alberni is a multilayered experience in elevated luxury living. The boutique collection seamlessly weaves iconic contemporary architecture, interior finishes of the highest quality and ingenious design details for harmonious living in perfect balance. The building’s distinct contemporary architecture and refined aesthetic are further evident throughout the interiors of every home. Premium materials and finishes of the highest quality adorn every space, while carefully planned layouts create exceptionally expansive living environments ideal for any occasion.

6. 1668/1684 Alberni Street

Vancouver City Council recently approved the rezoning application for the construction at 1668-1684 Alberni Street with a vote of seven to one.

This 40-storey luxury condominium tower expects to bring in $44 million in revenue for other projects for the city. Because of the approval, the municipal government is expected to receive a community amenity contribution (CAC) in cash totalling $37 million.

This is believed to be the largest ever CAC contribution in recent memory. It’s thought this donation will quickly get diverted towards the creation of a new replacement for the Vancouver Aquatic Centre.

This striking single tower project approved will be located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Alberni Street and Bidwell Street.

An interesting feature of this building’s 128 condominium units is that they’re getting billed as large enough for families. The condo units will be equally divided between only two-bedroom and three-bedroom units.

In addition to its unique soaring design, the building will also include an extensive water feature at the base of the building and the use of green roofs.

Architects from Revery Architecture describe the tower as a weave or exoskeleton, taking inspiration from the repetitive structures found in nature. This uniquely includes the shape of DNA, the cellular pattern of leaves, and a whale skeleton.

1668-1684 Alberni Street got permission for its building to achieve a height of 385 ft (117 metres),  the maximum height for the site under the city’s West End Community Plan.

It will also soar underground with 359 secured bike parking places and 167 vehicle parking stalls.

7. 1700 Alberni Street 


1700 Alberni Street is in the development stage as two towers featuring encompassing outdoor spaces and 387 units.

UK-based architects at Heatherwick Studio are developing the space, which is their first building in Canada. Heatherwick Studio is working in partnership with Bosa Properties and Kingswood Properties.

Heatherwick Studio is well known for working on historical architectural projects. Currently, they have 35 projects going on in 10 countries. This includes the landmark tower at Hudson Yards in New York City.

This firm’s renowned for some of its more extravagant projects, including:

  • The London 2012 Olympic Cauldron
  • The new Routemaster double-decker bus for Transport For London
  • The Vessel in New York City

They are also developing new, high-profile offices for Google in California and London.

The plan for 1700 Alberni Street includes two towers, the East tower with 30 floors. The west tower will feature 39 floors.

Both towers sit atop a podium-like base for the building, which the towers grow out of.

The podium base will feature a destination restaurant and boutique retail spaces.

The original renderings submitted to Vancouver got, at best, mixed reviews. Since then, Heatherwick Studios has done more design work which was received with more enthusiasm.

The focus continues to be flowing spaces between indoor and outdoor living in the high-rise.

1515 Alberni is set for completion in 2027.

Development on Nearby Georgia Street

Development is not solely soaring on Alberni Street. Nearby Georgia Street is also seeing its fair share of new developments on the horizon.

As many as five different projects look to get added to Georgia Street. Not only is this good for the West End in Vancouver, but it’s especially good for the investor.

There’s a real estate option for anyone who’s in the market to buy in downtown Vancouver, whether that’s on Alberni Street or a block over on  Georgia Street.

Find the Right Development for Life in Downtown Vancouver

There’s no doubt that over the next several years, downtown Vancouver, especially the West End, is going to experience quite a transformation.

With so many potential luxury condos available on the horizon, you need to work with an experienced Vancouver realtor if you hope to get into the luxury real estate game.

With so many of these sites in development or under construction, you need a realtor who has all the information you need about your options for each site.

Check Out the Newest Developments on Alberni Street

The West End of downtown Vancouver and specifically Alberni Street is a hub of development activity that will transform the landscape of the city. With each option nearing completion over the next several years, it’s an exciting time to consider buying real estate in Vancouver.

Let me help you navigate your options and find the best property to meet your luxury real estate needs. Contact me, Peter Coppard, to learn more about available real estate in downtown Vancouver.