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Grosvenor Ambleside Introduces 42 New Residences in West Vancouver

West Vancouver has always been known for its West Coast Modernism. For many years, this area has been attracting families who want to live in a village atmosphere that embraces the natural landscape in a waterfront community and shopping neighbourhood. Stretching along the gentle shores of the Pacific inlet of West Vancouver, facing south, Ambleside …

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How to Compete in Vancouver’s Multiple Offer Market

How do you compete in Vancouver’s Multiple Offer Market when buying a property.  Over the past six months we have seen a number of multiple offers, particularly for highly desirable properties in good locations.  Inventory is still very low and good properties at fair market value will typically bring multiple offers. You could be competing …

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CBx : Selling your Vancouver home has never been smarter

CBx : Selling your Vancouver home has never been smarter Coldwell Banker’s sales associates now have access to an exciting new iPad application – CBx . This exclusive marketing tool is now available in Canada.  This innovative app will enhance the listing experience and give sellers a better understanding of their neighbourhood market & potential …

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Smart Technologies for Your Home

Smart Technologies for Your Vancouver Home From automatic temperature control to remote electronic locks, Smart Home Technology is changing the way we interact with our homes. Smart home technology is growing and catching on like wildfire. Solar power, battery powered homes, smart systems are all around us. More and more homeowners are investigating new systems …

Heritage Loft Conversion in Yaletown
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Heritage Lofts in Gastown, Crosstown & Yaletown

Gastown is a well-loved centre of activity in the downtown core with over a century of history that goes back to the early days of settlement in Vancouver. The city’s oldest neighbourhood shows remarkably preserved evidence of the essence and inception of Vancouver’s prolific urban revolution. Bordering the train tracks that established this area and …

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The Big 3: How to Sell Your Vancouver Home for More

The Big 3: How to Sell Your Vancouver Home for More What’s the secret to selling your home for the most money, the quickest sale, and the fewest problems? I call it the “Big 3”: three attributes that consistently enable sellers of Vancouver homes to get more return on the sale. In my opinion, they’re Condition, Availability, …