Grosvenor Ambleside Introduces 42 New Residences in West Vancouver

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Written on October 19th, 2016

West Vancouver has always been known for its West Coast Modernism. For many years, this area has been attracting families who want to live in a village atmosphere that embraces the natural landscape in a waterfront community and shopping neighbourhood. Stretching along the gentle shores of the Pacific inlet of West Vancouver, facing south, Ambleside is a unique residential haven that boasts excellent schools, waterside parks, swimming beaches and waterfront homes along one of the most breathtaking shorelines Vancouver has to offer.

New to the neighbourhood is Grosvenor Ambleside, the latest condo development currently in preconstruction at 1300 Ambleside Lane in West Vancouver.

Grosvenor Ambleside (Phase 2)

Designed by Architect James Cheng, Grovernor Ambleside embraces West Coast modernism with two terraced buildings that step-back from two storeys at the sidewalk, to six and seven storeys at the centre.  The new homes will sit above shops, cafes and restaurants at the street level. A large pedestrian galleria, open at both ends, will sit between the two buildings  creating a 650 square  metre  plaza with direct pedestrian access from Marine Drive to Bellevue and open views to the waterfront.


The final collection of 42 homes (phase 2) will continue to embrace the highest standards in West Coast design and waterfront living. The new development is very impressive with  amazing architectural, modern design and, of course, great views of West Vancouver’s waterfront and North Shore mountains.

The first building consists of 98 residences and the second building consists of 42 new residences. Two buildings will be connected to each other with glazed pedestrian galleria where people will be able to gather and enjoy music as well as artwork.

There is no doubt that buildings at Grosvenor Ambleside will provide their residents with the highest standards of living. The construction uses some of the most innovative technologies (developed by Millson) as well as locally sourced materials are used to for the two buildings.

Hundreds of West Coast residents helped Grovernor define the distinctive design through ‘ideas fairs’ and other public meetings with the architect and development team.

42 New Residences Coming Soon

Each of 42 new residences are uniquely designed and have both interior and outdoor living areas. Residences come with the most up-to-date facilities and offers fantastic views either on the ocean or on the mountains.

Grosvenor Ambleside

Grosvenor Ambleside

The first building at Grosvenor Ambleside has been very successful. The second building is expected to repeat its success. It’s important to point out that the first offerings were sold out very quickly, almost all residences of the first building are already sold. However, there is still a unique opportunity to buy a residence at Grosvenor Ambleside. The second and final building at Grosvenor Ambleside is under construction and the presentation center opening in early November.

Rare Opportunity to Own on West Vancouver’s Waterfront

17 new residences have unforgettable water views and 25 new residences have fantastic mountain views. The prices on new residences with water views start from $3,650,900 and the prices on new residences with mountain views start from $925,900.


The previewing of the final building will begin in November 2016.  For more information about this development or other buildings in the area, please contact me at 604-612-6392.